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What is the C190?

Convention 190 is the first international standard that brings together equality and non-discrimination with occupational safety and health in a single instrument and places human dignity and respect at its core.

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Ratification C190

The ILO and UN Women urge the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean to move towards the ratification of Convention 190 on Violence and Harassment that entered into force this Friday, essential to build a more dignified, safe and healthy future of work.

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More about the C190

The highest regional authorities affirm that: "The region has the opportunity to maintain its leadership in the ratification of conventions of the ILO normative system" learn more about their opinion.

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Convention 190 and Recommendation 206 are the first international labor standards to provide a common framework to prevent, remedy and eliminate violence and harassment in the world of work, including gender-based violence and harassment.

Who does the
Convention 190 covers?

Salaried persons as defined in national law and practice. All people who work whatever their contractual situation.

People in training, including interns and apprentices. Workers who have been laid off.

Volunteers, job seekers and job applicants.

People who exercise the authority, functions or responsibilities of an employer.

The scope of Convention 190

Recognizing the diverse and changing nature of the world of work, the instruments apply to violence and harassment that occurs “during, in connection with, or as a result of work”

The physical workplace, public and private spaces when they are a workplace.
Displacements, trips, events or social or training activities related to work.
The places where the worker is paid, where he takes his rest or where he eats, where he uses sanitary or toilet facilities and changing rooms.
Work-related communications, including those made through information and communication technologies.
Accommodation provided by the employer.

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